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i need help to write an essay 3-4 pages based on a human resourcesit has to be based on an article and here is the link for the article Here are the guidelines Purpose: The main purpose of this assignment is to get students in touch with current news and events that have implications for HRM in Canada.  Guidelines: Select a topic in Human Resources, related to a specific area. Then, choose newspapers and/or business magazines and find one current event news article (online/paper) that have implications for HRM. The article should be from within the past 6 months, and be at least 5 paragraphs long. Once you choose the article, summarize the article and analyze the HRM implications using the topics or subject matter being covered in this course. Draw on your textbook to discuss the HRM implications. Be specific and detailed in your analysis and use appropriate concepts and terminology from any chapters of the textbook.  Note: Please note that you need to cut OUT / PRINT OFFthe article. If the article is on two separate pages, make sure that you take both pages of the article. (All reference materials must be in the appendix of the assignment). Assignment length: Your assignment should be 3 – 4 pages double-spaced. Format: Prepare your assignment using the following format An overview of the current trend A summary of the article (approximately 100 words) Why did the article catch your interest? Outline specific HRM issues or implications to the employers and employees. Identify potential strategies or considerations for addressing issues and implications from a Human Resources perspective. Source of the article (give full reference using APA) Submission instructions: Please submit a hard copy of the article as well as your analysis of the article in class. Potential Topics: Executive compensation (e.g., compensation of CEO’s at Canada’s top 5 Banks) Labour relations Rising health care costs Workplace stress & mental illness Harassment Discipline & dismissals Employee engagement (e.g., “Best Companies to Work For”) Delaying retirement / phased retirement Workplace safetyplease make sure you include and refer the potential topic that i gave you and please no plagarism


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