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Write a 5 pages paper on state legislative district. In this case, the district being considered is the 19th congressional district of Woodbridge, New Jersey. In total, New Jersey would consist of 40 congressional districts that would make up their composition. According to the official website for the New Jersey legislature, the elected representatives for New Jersey’s 19th congressional district are as follows: Senator Joseph F. Vitale, as well as Assemblymen Craig J. Coughlin and John S. Wisniewski. In terms of being politically safe, that would most likely be the case for the seat held by Vitale, as well as the seat held presently by Wisniewski.That would be assessed after observing both men’s legislative backgrounds and seeing that each man will have been in office for more than 10 years respectively, with Craig J. Coughlin, having assumed public office at the start of this current calendar year. As part of the larger Middlesex region, District 19 would be the last district to represent the area, just after district’s 17 and 18. The areas include Carteret, Perth Amboy, Sayreville, South Amboy, and Woodbridge.After deciphering the legislative descriptions given for each of the three men who directly represent the 19th district, they would appear to be the standard as it would come to the normal idea of an elected official. All three coming into public service from the private sector, with the emphasis given to the legal field, with the inclusion of the business sector from the background of Mr. Vitale. They appear to match the typical profile of the average public servant in that they will have heard the call to serve their fellow citizenry and after hearing such a call to serve, they will have chosen to answer it.


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