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Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic /history of russian mafia.The ominous KGB was a “Mafia” in its own right. What developed in the 1990s was not just a culmination of what existed in the Communist Era or the start of Perestroika. These networks started long before. The criminal underworld has been part of Russian life for centuries.The realities of the Russian Mafia differ because they integrate every aspect of Russian society. Whereas other Mafias are different, the Russian Mafia has much more control over society. It is only in studying the history of how the society has developed then how quickly it has changed since 1991, that the true Mafia will be understood.Anderson, Annelise & Edward Lazear ed. The Red Mafia: A Legacy of Communism. “Economic Transition in Eastern Europe and Russia: Realities of Reform”. Stanford, California: The Hoover Institution Press, 1995. Web.The mafia has been a necessary link from a communist to a market economy. The following article analyzes its origins as being part of the Soviet system. In the 1970s the use of the term mafia was used to describe the black market and those KGB members who extorted them at the cost of all.Mrs Anderson describes the term mafia in different countries. One element which is universal and first used in the Soviet Union to describe the mafia was “a group that is characterized by profit-oriented criminal activity, that uses violence or the threat of violence, that expends resources to discourage, cooperation of its members with the police and that corrupts legitimate governmental authority”.There are 3 conditions that need to be met for the mafia to develop: loss of legitimate power . a top heavy bureaucratic state. and the potential of illegal markets. These three conditions have been part of the Russian territory for centuries but the articles only concentrates on the Soviet Union . Other comparisons that she makes are left out as they do not meet


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