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Compose a 1500 words assignment on helpdesks in the modern corporate world. Needs to be plagiarism free! Operators have now been replaced with professional staff who understand the business and can serve not only internal organizational functions like redirecting calls but can also assist customers by making them get better service.The type and set-up of a helpdesk will largely depend on the structure of the organization, type of business and number of clients served. A huge telecommunications company will typically have a call center with tens (maybe even hundreds) of customer care assistants who will receive calls and attend to the needs of the subscriber. In the event that the first responder cannot assist then he passes it on to someone else who can. This chain ensures that the customer gets better service and his inquiry is answered. If the query requires more time then the customer is such informed and will get a reply as and when it will be ready. On the other hand, a small-sized company dealing in duplicate paper sales would rarely have more than one person at the help desk, who would quite often double up as the company secretary or receptionist. Or both.Helpdesks are not only limited to telephone-based helpdesks. Another common use of e-mails. Typically these would take a lot longer to get a reply, simply for the reason that listening is a lot faster than reading, and speaking than typing. Speed of service is not the only edge that telephone helpdesks enjoy over e-mail. During a telephone conversation, one can easily clarify information that is not clear to him. An e-mail, on the other hand, would require a back-and-forth exchange which may last hours and even days. To solve this problem, most organizations have introduced the online chat assistant, where the operator and customer exchange instant messages online. In many ways, this system has been revolutionary and many customers have expressed their satisfaction with it. However, it isn’t without fault. Albeit more reliable than e-mails, it still has the handicap of overdependence on internet connectivity speed.&nbsp.


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