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Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Accounting System Checklists.The selection of the best accounting system software requires a lot of proper research and studies in order for the organization to work effectively. There is a lot of misinformation about the best place to gather information about the best accounting software installation system. There are various stages and steps that are usually very important to be followed in installing the right and good accounting software. These steps are very important to both large and small organizations that need proper accounting system (Collins, 2014).Therefore, this paper will provide some of the best steps to take in designing and selecting the right accounting system software in an organization. The paper specifically provides this accounting system software installation steps for the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Company.For proper selection of the best software for accounting system it is important that the organization come up with a committee comprising of about six people (?tef?nescu, 2012). The committee will help in provision of the best evaluation procedure to be used in selecting the new software system. Therefore, the committee should include various individuals who understand the use and procedures of the new software system (Dodaro, 1998).The installation of the software should be under effective budget which include the cost of the software and hardware as well as the cost of its implementation process. The timing system for the evaluation, formulation and implementation of the system should also be provided by the committee (Hodgson, & Ponte, 1991).The organization must consider the various problems that are facing the current accounting system and how such problems can be solved through the installation of new accounting system software (Brandas, Stirbu, & Didraga, 2013).It is important that you allow the value added resellers to


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