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Need an argumentative essay on Investigate the ways in which gender roles and/or indigenous Australians and/or class are constructed in one area of media. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.The reason for choosing entertainment magazines is that they are mostly read by people who may not look at the content in a critical way and so they take whatever information (explicit of sublime messages) as is without thinking too much about it. Film is also very important and many people get their ideas of reality with regard to gender roles from films. These two mass media have a deed and important roles in shaping the ways in which people perceive gender roles.Magazines and especially entertainment magazines are very important in shaping people’s ideas among their audiences. They are read by many people to whom they are targeted and that has an effect on the way the audiences are affected by the messages in the media. The most important messages are the sublime ones that come in various ways.The cover page in any magazines is a very good source of sublime messages. While it does not offer a lot of open information, the cover page is likely to offer clues and information that determines how the readers are going to think about the issues. A god way to look at this is the way some magazines use cover page photos for men and for women. For instance, when a magazine decides to feature a female athlete, they are likely to depict her in her most feminine presentation and they may not even use her photo while she is a in her sporting gear. Instead, she may be asked to wear a feminine dress that will depict her as a female, and thus emphasizing her gender as opposed to emphasizing her profession.This is the not the same for males. When a male athlete is featured in a cover of a magazine, he is likely to be portrayed in his professional presentation and the gender will not be the main theme o he cover photo. This variance in the way the magazines use the cover page photo of the two genders has a sublime message in it. The message is that for a woman, what matters is her looks, her femininity and her personality, as


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