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Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Global Decision Support. &nbsp.A global Decision Support System (GDSS) is a computer-based interactive system used by teams from different organizations, countries, or regions to make decisions, solve problems, and make choices. Specifically, global DSS aims to support groups in analyzing problem situations and in the performance of collective decision-making tasks. Global DSS is quite descriptive and is a mixture of systems that uses complex communications infrastructures and quantitative models to support decision-making processes.Literature ReviewDue to increased globalization and heightened competition in the business world, entrepreneurs have resorted to using the latest technologies to make vital business decisions (Lynch, 1994). Similarly, a lot of literary work has focused on decision making and its various techniques and tools, such as DSS. According to most authors, there are numerous DSS aspects that organizations and managers should consider when venturing into global DSS. Global DSS benefits, implementation, and ethical issues are among the most extensively covered DSS factors in the literature.Businesses enjoy numerous benefits by implementing global DSS. For instance, for quite a long time, organizations have struggled to find an electronic commerce application that would allow them to jointly decode and interpret information to enable them to use these decision-making tools in the accompaniment of other organizations or business partners (Lynch, 1994). The first among the many benefits of global DSS is that it allows organizations to orient their resources towards providing managers with all the required information for strategic decision making. Global DSS offers organizations several other capabilities, including support for decision-making processes in ill-structured situations that lack full computerization and requires computer-based assistance for voluminous data accessibility and processing (Lynch, 1994). Global DSS also helps in the rapid acquisition of quantity and quality results for deciding by supporting various decision-making stages. Importantly, global DSS encourages high-quality decision making by fostering decision making based on integrating information and human judgment (Lynch, 1994). Global DSS also provides flexibility, making it accommodative for different decision-making styles besides facilitating cross-departmental and group decisions.


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