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Assignment Purpose:To develop an employee productivity plan based on benchmarking standards.Assignment Description: Group AssignmentEach Unit during this class, you will be working with a group to make a group assignment. Each unit there will be a different assignment with different requirements. In order to receive credit for the group project, students must have demonstrated participation in the project. Participation is measured by the group discussion board, group file exchanges, and recorded group collaborate sessions. Every group member should submit a copy of the assignment for grading. Individual assignments will not be accepted. Be sure to review the grading rubric for each group assignmentThe department director has asked that your team to develop productivity guidelines for the workflow process that can be used for evaluation purposes. Your facility has an average of 200 inpatient discharges a day, 400 SDS discharges a day, 1000 ER discharges a day, and 2000 ancillary and clinic visits a day. There is a three-day drop period (all charts must be coded within three days of discharge). Develop productivity guidelines that will ensure all of the charts are coded in a timely manner and reflect AHIMA standards. Before reaching the coders, the record must be scanned, quality checked, and deficiency analysis completed.The current staff consists of 2 scanners, 5 quality reviewers, 5 deficiency analysts, 10 inpatient coders, 10 outpatient coders, 10 ER coders, and 30 ancillary/clinic codersParameters:1. Develop a timeline to show which stage of the process should be completed on day one following discharge, day two following discharge and day three following discharge.2. Make a flow chart of the process from discharge to final close using the given steps above. You may need to research the various steps a record must go through prior to be closed as complete.3. Submit


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