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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Family Therapy for Treatment of Addictive Behaviors. It needs to be at least 1500 words. Thus there are 2 key purposes for family therapy as far as substance abuse treatment is concerned. first and foremost is to make use of the family’s resources as well as strengths to assist in finding or developing habits to survive without abusing substances and secondly, to improve the effect of dependency on chemical on both the family as well as the identified patient (IP)(Center for Substance Abuse Treatment,2004)).The unit of treatment in family therapy is generally the family, or the person within the framework of the family system. Thus the individual abusing substances can be taken as a subsystem in the family, the individual whose indicators have serious repercussions for the whole family. Generally, the familial affiliations in this subsystem are the concerns for therapeutic intervention as well as interest (Morgan & Lizke, 2013). The role of the therapist is mostly to facilitate problem-solving meetings as well as discussions, frequently with whole family groups or sometimes subsets thereof. However, at times it can also be done with a sole member who could or could not be the person having substance abuse disorder (Morgan & Lizke, 2013).There is a difference between family-involved therapy and family therapy. Thus, a family-involved treatment tries to inform families about the correlation patterns that characteristically contribute to the creation as well as the continuance of substance abuse((Kaufmann &Kaufmann, 1979). The main difference therefore from family therapy is the fact that family, generally is not necessarily the basic primary therapeutic grouping, and there is no involvement in the family system affiliations. The majority of centers for treating substance abuse provide such a family-based educational technique.&nbsp.


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