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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Female and the Machine: A New Concept on Fashion as It Relates to The Social Position of Woman in the New Century. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. One of the designers that can best discuss the ideas of the symbiosis of the organic and the machine was Alexander McQueen. Although he has passed from this world, his work was inspired, a connection between art and design that allowed for communication to those who experienced his fashion week runways at an unprecedented level. In the continuation of his work through Sarah Burton, one can see the hybridization of the natural and the mechanized used to suggest that which would defy nature. In looking at the work of Michiko Koshino, one can see how the evidence of the organic as it is constrained by unnatural forms can extend the position of the idea of a female into a recalculated shape. Chalayan has taken the female form and applied a new technologized identity. Through examining the work of these designers it is clear that the female body has been reconsidered, the idea of the gender of females placed in context with the emergence of the technological world. The body is no longer a canvas, but a sculptural medium, the individual having the capacity to change any aspect they desire and fight against nature. This fight against nature is the epitome of beauty. According to Quinn (2007, p. 33), “The ideal figure of fashion has never been the celebration of the natural, but the test of a woman’s ability to resist it”. The natural evolution of fashion has been to embrace that which is the opposite of natural, to look for the farthest point from natural to define the highest elevation of beauty. The thick, lush hips, legs, and arms of the natural woman are replaced by the emaciated. The light, delicate lash, replaced by the thick mascara spikes and the pale ruddy color of lips made the deepest red. What is harsh is expected to transform into that which is subtle, and that which is subtle is emblazoned with ripe color. The natural transition of the image of the body into the 21st century is towards a hybridization of the body with a machine in order to reach that state that is beyond what is born to that which is created.


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