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Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Information Systems and Strategy Management of ASIC Company. The firm must therefore radically change its information management systems to survive against the expected challenge. The European Union electricity supply sector represents a market share of over €150 billion annually, an annual investment of €30 billion Euros, while it employs over 750, 000 workers. The Electricity Supply Industry (ESIC) has a virtual monopoly in the European Union power supply industry, but the EU has decided to open up the market hence create competition for ESIC. In order for the power supply company, ESIC transform from a monopolistic system into a highly competitive market-oriented firm, it needs to radically overhaul its information management systems. This will involve the company adopting a modern information technology (IT) system that incorporates all the firm’s divisions including the financial, production, and marketing sectors. Contemporary organizations have come to value the crucial importance of customer service to their continued survival. Firms with good customer oriented policies are able to able to maintain client royalty albeit the current fierce competition. The release of correct, regular and appropriate product information to workers, clients, and providers across all channels is one of the fundamentals in retaining and acquiring new clientele. ESIC emerging from a monopolistic system will, therefore, need to change her information dissemination sector by revealing new products innovation information, financial dealings, among other news hence change her corporate image. ESIC must be geared to offer high-quality customer service to her clientele by creating a seamless customer rapport across all the channels (generating, transmission, system control, distribution, supply sectors) by developing strategies aimed at surpassing the competing firms.&nbsp.&nbsp.


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