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International Development homework help

Answer 30 questions below related to communication.  1) What is escalation?2) What is Social Penetration Theory?3) Name two of Social Penetration Theory’s assumption.4) What are Social Exchange Theory what two factors are subtracted to get the Value of the Relationship?5) What is Open-closedness dialectic?6) What is Affective Conflict?7) What is Avoiding Style?8) What is Systems Theory?9) What is an Authoritarian Leader?10) What is referent power?11) What are the five stages of groups?12) What are primary groups?13) What is a hierarchal structure?14) What is an upward message?15) What is the grapevine?16) What is a bureaucracy?17) What is organizational climate?18) What is organizational culture?19) When does conflict happen?20) Name three origins of conflict.21) List three benefits of conflict.22) What does bad interpersonal communication lead to?23) What is organizational culture?24) What are two negative workplace communication traits?25) What is a downward message?26) What is a horizontal message?27) Name three common complaints from students working in groups.28) What is groupthink?29) What is a Task-oriented Group?30) What is stonewalling?


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