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Write a 2 page essay on 463/1.A perfect society such as Utopia does not exist, and studying and teaching the constituents of an imperfect society often appears biased. How then, is a Social Science teacher able to combat these limitations and teach effectively the subject matter without placing bias and prejudice on it?I am tasked upon to interview a Social Science teacher in this regard.Miss X is a likely prospect for me. Miss X is an unmarried woman in her early 30s who has a bachelor’s degree in education majoring in social sciences. She has been teaching elementary schoolchildren in our school for the past 5 years. She teaches her lessons based on the school curriculum, is diligent on her daily lesson plan and admits that although history is mostly based on textbooks she adds her further insights on some subject matters.Her daily classes consist of 1 hour for each section, and she teaches for 4 hours on the maximum. When asked about her views regarding social studies teaching, she admits that most of the students nowadays are taking the subject for granted, Included in her social sciences curriculum are subjects such as economics, geography, governments, civics and anthropology. She feels that the diminished interest is due to the political situations nowadays and the economical instability that the world faces today.When asked about the standards for social studies as featured in the Department of Arizona’s website she said that she agrees with the concepts being featured. Each history strand speaks about as certain genre in our civilization starting from the settlement of the natives to the United States developing as a nation. The way in which history was organized is remarkable because grade by grade, the student understands our rich cultural heritage. The human brain cannot assimilate and process a large chunk of knowledge at the same time and that explains why studying history has been divided into smaller chunks for the


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