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Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Week Four Individual Assignment.I will be analyzing the databases used in the accounting department of my organization, a meat processing plant.One of the databases used by the accounting department of my meat processing plant is Microsoft Access. Access has an interface that does not require users to know and use structured query language (SQL). Those responsible for the utilization and maintenance of this database in my organization are not necessarily well-versed in SQL, so the easy-to-use interfaces of Access in beneficial in the efficiency of its use. (There is still plenty of room for errors for those that are not familiar with SQL, however.) Also good for efficiency is the fact that Access automatically categorizes objects. Organization of data is crucial, and Access provides sound organization.Because only the accounting department of my organization is using Access rather than the entire organization as a whole, Access works, at least for now. It is important to note that Access has been known to encounter errors or data corruption with very large data files. If my particular organization continues to expand and thus encounters greater quantities of data, it may be necessary to implement the use of a different database. It is unlikely, however, that we’ll expand quite that much.It has been said that “the right database accounting software [is the one that] will grow with your company.” (Dininni, 2008). Because Microsoft Access is so well known and widely used, there are many accounting software add-ons that can be obtained from the internet. Additionally, many of them are free. This will certainly be beneficial should my company encounter changing or additional needs or tasks. It may have been more efficient to have chosen a different database program from the start – one that was more specified toward the field of accounting. However, the software add-ons fulfill the needs of this company and at this point it would be very


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