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Can you list the solution of question 44 and 45?Thank you for your patience!75 .( 2 )10 %19.09%7.1%18.3.3%None of the statements above are true .Totoynot in the workforce . What is the unemployment rate ?"Un = 50,000National savings will increase and the real interest rate will decrease .licenses . How would these policies affect the national savings and the real interest rate ?National savings will increase and the real interest rate will be uncertain .194 . A country has a total population of 1 million people . There are 100 , 000 children under 16 and 50 , 000National savings could increase or decrease , the real interest rate will increase .full – time students ( over 16 ) who work part-time jobs . Another 50 , 000 full-time students ( over 16 ) arelooked for work in the last 4 weeks . 100, 000 citizens are retired with the remaining adult populationnot in the labor force . 500, 000 worker’s are employed with another 50, 000 workers without jobs whoSuppose the government in a closed economy with an initial government deficit decides to propose anincrease in government spending for the war on terrorism and additional decreases in taxes on R& D= 10 0 , 000 , 000Labor : 50, 00 0 + 500,000 + 50, 000


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