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L8 1.Why is it advantageous to use an agitated mixture of ice and salt as the refrigerant in making ice cream?2. concerning the heating curve. what would the plan be, listing all information required, and the general equations to be employed, for the determination of the heat energy required for the conversion of 10.0 g ice at -10oC to 10.0 g steam at 110oC. It is not necessary to do the calculations.3.Why does the temperature of a material remain unchanged during a change of phase?4.Why is salt added to ice in the preparation of the refrigerant used to produce ice cream?5.   why doesn’t temperature change during a phase change. Where does the heat energy go if not into increasing or decreasing temperature?6.    What does adding salt do to ice?7.   Using scientific reasoning, Is the freezing point of ice cream lower or higher than the freezing point of water? 8.    Applying Le Châtelier’s Principle, predict the direction of a reaction when the temperature of an equilibrium system is changed.2 )|107100H , de ) – 12 0 ( g)- – – –temb- – K 20 ( 5)–> H20 ( 1 )energyLatentheat OfLatent heatof fusionof vaporization


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