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Need an argumentative essay on Week 8 CD Civil Litigation. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.If they do not agree, then the paralegal may be requested to draft a proposed order and a motion for compulsory physical examination. However, most mental and physical examinations are normally carried out by voluntary agreement.If the paralegalÂ’s supervising attorney requested the examination, then the examination will be conducted by the physician of his or her choice. In case the party to undergo examination objects the chosen physician, then the court is allowed to make the selection.The physical or mental scrutiny should be conducted by a physician who is in proximity to the part to be examined. However, the court they decide the examination be conducted by a physician from the city where the suit was filed, despite the fact that the party being examined may be residing in another city (Kerley, Hames & Sukys,


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