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How would an array of bricks work using the classes below. No magic numbers are allowed./** * This class is used to store state information corresponding to a single Brick within the brick breaker game model.  * It provides basic information about the Brick’s position as well as information about the current strength of  * a Brick. All Bricks in brick breaker have a height of 20 and a width of 50, regardless of other state information. * */public class Brick{}   /**   *Creates a default level with a given dimension. The default brick configuration is a 5 row and 7   *column grid of Brick objects, each which requires 3 hits to break. Bricks are arranged starting   *40 pixels from the top edge of the screen and 10 pixels from the left edge of the screen. Bricks    *should be spaced with 5 pixels between each Brick in both dimensions. The Ball will start in the   *center of the screen, and the Paddle’s top-left edge should be positioned at the left edge and 20   *pixels up from the bottom of the screen.   * @param widthIn The logical width of the new level in pixels.   * @param heightIn The logical height of the new level in pixels.   */   Level(int widthIn, int heightIn)    {   }


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