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Assignment InstructionsThroughout the course, you will prepare and submit sections of a research paper that is designed for you to contribute original research and analysis on an issue of your choosing relevant to homeland security.Your final research paper submitted in Week 8 must be at least (12-15 pages+) plus a cover page (with name, date, course, and title), and reference page.  Any figures, tables, maps, charts, etc, and the Title and Reference pages DO NOT COUNT TOWARD TOTAL PAGE COUNT.For Week 2, you are to submit a written paper that includes your Research Question, a Thesis Statement, and Purpose Statement. It must contain at least eight sources; at least six must be peer-reviewed. The specific research question should be of depth and breadth required for a major project. Length: Three (3) pages.  Note:  Your title and reference pages are not included as part of the three page content minimum.Technical Requirements:Length:  3 pages, double spaced, 1″ margins, 12 pitch type in Times New Roman fontCitations/References:  You must use the APA style for this assignment.


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