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Instructions for Research Project: The research project is based on each student selecting a workplace issue or opportunity within a health care organization and the field of health care management and presenting the information about its current state. The learner will deliver typed paper. The components of the research must include the elements listed below: • Description of one major workplace issue or opportunity based on a systematic review of a healthcare organization • Detailed discussion of the major workplace issue or opportunity • Description of the relevant stakeholders or personnel groups involved in the workplace issue or opportunity (particularly the student’s role as supervisor or manager) • Discussion of the affect the workplace issue or opportunity has on the relevant stakeholders or personnel groups • Sufficient background discussion to frame the context of the workplace issue or opportunity • Discussion of best practices or benchmarks used by the organization to address the workplace need • Discussion of barriers faced by the supervisor/manager in efforts to resolve the issue or advance the opportunity • Explanation of alternatives developed to resolve the workplace issue or advance the opportunity The research project must fit within the following parameters: 1. Typed paper 2. Outline summary (including title page and Bibliography) a. Length = 6–9 pages b. Format = typewritten, double-spaced c. Margins = one-inch on top, bottom, left, and right of each page d. Font style/size = Times New Roman or Courier/12 point e. Written in APA style f. References = citations in the body of the paper and in the Bibliography ? In-text references: • Required within the body of the research project to indicate the source of the information presented • Students must not cite themselves; original thoughts/discussion from students are expected ? The Bibliography must include a minimum of four citations/sourcesThis is the foundation of the research paper i have attached previous paperI have loaded my syllabus please look at the research project


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