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Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: The Experience in Working at Various Organizations.I have grown up with the ideology that education and religion are two aspects that are very influential in life. Before joining college, I worked hard in order to raise enough finances to cater for my school fees. It was not simple since I had to work during the day and at night. Even though I am working hard to raise my school fees, I still require financial support in order to continue with my education without any difficulties. Sometimes even after the hard labour, I have to support my family as I save the rest. It reaches a moment where one feels exhausted and ready to surrender, but, Dr Packer’s quote, ‘it is always too soon to quit” pops into my mind and I encourage myself to go on with the hard work. In my academic life, I have encountered many challenges and tribulations that nearly put me off, but I have this spirit of trying again. This is a driving force that has kept me going. Withal, my intentions are not to stop at the college level, but to attain a doctoral program, and this is the reason why I am applying for a scholarship. As an average student, I have been committed and dedicated to raising my performance in school, most offering voluntary services in my community. I also participate in various campaigns with important information about managerial development skills. Lately, I took part in the Hunger strike campaign which had an encouraging message of feeding the poor and bridging the gap between the poor and the rich. I was honoured to present a speech in Berkeley college where I emphasized the significance of applying classroom knowledge into real life situation.


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