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Write 1 page with APA style on American and Chinese Manufacturers in the Future. ?American and Chinese Manufacturers in the FutureI do not think American manufacturers will be able to compete with the Chinese manufacturers in the future. The Chinese manufacturers have lower production costs and a market that accepts their products. What will happen is that the Chinese manufacturers will advance towards making better quality products. They will be able to compete in terms of quality and also put lower prices on the products.1. Do you think that the Chinese manufacturing influence is all bad? If yes what do think it will affect? If no how can American manufacturers capitalize on what the Chinese are doing?The Chinese manufacturing influence is not all bad. They are bringing competition in manufacturing and forcing even the American manufacturers to look at the buyer. They are helping products move into quality and reduce prices. The American manufacturers can look for ways to reduce their costs so that they make products that are not expensive to the buyer. The manufacturers can cheap raw materials and make quality products. They can react fast to new technologies and make better products.2. How can an American manufacturer learn how to protect his or her products from a Chinese bootlegger?The American manufacturer can have high levels of secrecy in the production of its products. There should be no exposure of the technology they are working on. They should also release products into the market without staying for long in other countries like China. The Chinese cloners will not have time to make their clones and sell them as the first sellers. The American manufacturers can also work with the Chinese law enforcement groups to catch the cloners.3. Do you think, that within 10 years from now we will all be forced to learn “Chinese Manufacturing”?I do not think that we will all be forced to learn “Chinese manufacturing” 10 years from now. There will be changes in the manufacturing processes and new rules and manufacturing policies. This means that the world will not only see Chinese manufacturing as the only way to manufacture. The American manufacturing will also try to deal with challenges that cloners bring.5. What do you think the federal government should do protect American manufacturing?I think the federal government should talk with other governments from countries where counterfeits and cloning is high. Through talking with the governments, such as the Chinese government, there can be rules and policies that will protect American manufacturing from cloners and counterfeiters.


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