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Write a 5 page essay on Lobster.king such an in-depth and a wide consideration of resolution alternatives, the author addresses the questions one would ask about lobster in every day diet. The work is representative of diverse health related opinions which isolate lobster consumption as central in the human effort to achieve sustainable physical health.The subject under discussion highlights the increasing popularity of lobster. The festivals organized to entertain tourists emphasizes the role of this creature. In this respect, the text is relevant to the topic under discussion as it highlights the nutritional significance of lobster.The criticism that can be directed towards this text concerns the central theme of the debate which emphasizes the injustice done to this animal through boiling and overcrowding. It is therefore important to underscore the slight deviation of the text from the theme of the present campaign. However, in general, the author contributes to the topic by highlighting the place of lobster in most important nutrients list that may justify its boiling.Flynn gives an assertive view point on the overwhelming irresponsibility of humanity towards nature. At the center of this text’s discussion is the need to care for animals. The history of Maine lobster festival is criticized in respect of selfish tourist interest at the expense of the creature. It can therefore be observed that the author emphasizes the need to reconsider lobster boiling and the height of mistreatment they are exposed to. Animal cruelty is exemplified by lobster boiling and this is where the author comes in to give deeper explanation. Exploring the sociological perspective of animal cruelty is a sensitive debate as the author notes and serves as a pointer to abdication of duty towards nature.The relevance of this text seems so open in regard to the debate on cruel treatment of lobster. Besides, lobster is just one among the other aspects of nature that has been less taken care of by man. The title of


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