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DescriptionTourism is dependent upon global policies and politics. It is highly responsive to natural, economic and political occurrences and events. The needs, expectations and anticipated benefits of tourism vary greatly from one destination to the next, and there is no “one size fits all” approach to destination management. Therefore, the purpose of this assignment is to ask you to examine tourism for one specific case.The Hypothetical Case:Upon graduation you have secured employment to assist the minister of tourism in insert location here (you choose a country, province / state, city, region). Your minister has been directed to pursue tourism as an economic and social development opportunity. Your job is to assist your boss in preparing for tourism.Your first task is to decide which country, province, state, city or region you will base your project on. Please note that Canada and any location in Canada are excluded from your location selection.Using knowledge gained throughout the course and from secondary sources, you will document the overall current tourism situation and then analyze the location for future tourism opportunities and marketing.  You will need to use the Internet and library resources to access public documents and research associated with preparing your case study. Be sure to properly reference all sources using APA format, including websites.Part A: Research & OutlinePrepare for your report by conducting your research and outlining your report. You will need to include the following:Create an annotated bibliography consisting of at least 8-10 sources that you will use in conducting your research for this report (at least 2 must be peer-reviewed journal articles).The annotated bibliography consists of your reference plus a paragraph (at least 3 sentences) below which describes how you will use this particular source. It should also provide a critique of the source (i.e. is your information reliable?).Create a cover page and table of contents, which will outline how you will address the questions listed below for the report.Write the introduction for your report and address the following:A brief history of tourism in your chosen location. For example, is your location a well-developed tourism destination with solid organization and continued growth, or is tourism a relatively new undertaking with little organization?The present demand for tourism based on a review of available tourism statistics (present this data in a table or in a visually appealing point format – be creative!). Include information such as:Number of tourists and the revenue they generateOrigin of the tourists (i.e. where do they come from?)Purpose of their tripA description of the key months/key seasons for visitation. When do most arrive? Are there opportunities to increase visitation at other times?Information about the evolution of visitation over the past 10 – 20 years (e.g. increasing, decreasing, stagnant)


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