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Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: Occupational psychologists stress the need for validity and reliability throughout the selection process. Explain how this can be achieved and critically examine the practical case for and against such rigour in selection,in practice,in an English contex.The steps begin with collection of all relevant information about the applicants and conclude with induction of the right candidate into the organization. The selection process in an organization is determined by the organization’s strategy, goals and objectives, the tasks and responsibilities of the job and the organization,and the attributes required in the prospective candidates. The selection criteria for evaluation of candidates should be compliant to the organizational objectives. The selection methods should be designed in such a way that they evaluate candidates based on these criteria. To enable an accurate prediction of the candidates’ success in the prospective job, the selection methods should meet the standards of reliability and validity.A selection method can be considered reliable if it produces consistent results across different situations and times (Selection 2003, p.88). When a test taken by the same individual at different times produces results that are remarkably different, that test cannot be considered reliable. There are a few tests using which the reliability of a selection method can be measured.The first test is the repeat or test-retest approach (Selection 2003, p.88). In this approach, a group of candidates is given a test which is repeated after an interval of 2-3 weeks. The similarity in the results obtained and an analysis of the scores determine the reliability of the test. The alternate-form or the parallel-form method is another way of measuring the reliability of a selection method (Selection 2003, p.88). In this approach, instead of testing the candidates twice, two similar but separate forms are given to the candidates at the same time. If the scoring pattern is similar for both, then the test is reliable. The split-halves procedure is a method where the same test is divided into two parts and given to the candidates. Again, the degree of similarity in the results determines the degree of reliability of the


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