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Compare and contrast two works of art done in two different eras/styles. Select one of the following pairs of eras/styles: Medieval and Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo, or Rococo and Neoclassical. Give a detailed overview of the period and style and situate your comparison within the stylistic characteristics of each style.Include:an overview of what primarily distinguishes the art work of each era, and then indicate specific formal or thematic aspects of each work that typify its eraa discussion of the role of changing cultural and political climates in influencing the shift from on style to the next.a comparative analysis of the form, style and content of an artwork from each era (each artwork should be of the same medium and genre, for example two portraits or two figural sculptures).Be sure to use the terminology regarding elements of art and principles of design that we studied in Week I as you proceed in your discussion. Be sure to make a true comparison of the works – don’t just discuss each one on its own.


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