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Complete 10 page APA formatted essay: Introduction to Property Assignment 2.The inspection process largely depended on the information provided by the real estate agency on its website. The key inspection criteria included general features, type of the property, number of bedrooms, building materials, physical location and building size among other features. Having used the map to trace the property’s physical location, I took its photo and used for further inspection.This property was first found by research from the internet on the list of properties that have been sold in Melbourne recently. A lot of information regarding this property was found in several sites including those owned by real estate agents. The process of inspection involved checking of the basement, heating system, air-conditioning, plumbing, roof and electrical system among other aspects of the property. Other important issues that I assessed included maintenance and fire and safety aspects. For additional examination, I used the location map to visit the property and took a photo. This photo was used to examine the physical features of the property. Through the inspection I found that the house was sold on 10th January 2013 for $298, 500.This property was initially found on the websites of, whereby the preliminary examination was done. At this state, features such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, indoor features, wardrobe features, courtyard, fencing, and evaporative cooling were inspected. Also, the address and the location map were obtained from the website. Next, additional information regarding the factors that could have influenced pricing and salability of the property was obtained from a local agent, and augmented with internet research on factors that influence similar transactions. I finally visited the property’s physical location, took a photo and a used it for further


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