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Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Consumer behavior project.The latest generation is the iPhone 6 Plus.IPhones are usually distributed to various parts of the world. The company partners with other companies in various parts of the world to make sure that their products are availed all over the world. The local companies are always given the responsibility of assembling and supplying the products locally. From the companies that are responsible for assembling the products are supplied to the local dealers who do the supplying.Given the segment targeted by the product the pricing of iPhones is usually relatively high. The prices cannot be said to be the highest in the market. The fact that the phones are of high quality and are priced such that middle income earners can afford them makes it very easy for the phones to do well in the market.The company promotes this product through front page magazine, radio, and magazine advertisements. They also frequently make use of hoarding and point of sale advertisement with the aim of increasing their sales. The company uses sales promotions and exchange offers to lure customers into buying this particular product (Pride & Ferrell,


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