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c. Use the relevant output from the regressions shown below to find which of the variables YearBuilt and HouseSize is the best predictor of Energy, explaining the reason/s. Assume that the assumptions of each test have been satisfied.Energy versus YearBuiltEnergy versus HouseSizeRegression StatisticsMultiple RR Square Adjusted R Square Standard Error ObservationsCoefficients 0.515 0.265 0.262146.833 198Standard Errort Stat8.809 -8.412P-value0.000 0.000        Intercept 19529.01 2217.997 YearBuilt -9.344 1.111 Regression StatisticsMultiple RR Square Adjusted R Square Standard Error ObservationsCoefficientsIntercept 402.788 HouseSize 0.6700.453 0.205 0.201152.747 198Standard Error67.877 0.094t Stat5.934 7.107P-value0.000 0.000


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