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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on important preparations in pharmacology Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Propranolol exists as a highly lipid-soluble drug and normally enters the brain easily (Rang et al., 2010). Experiments established that propranolol can reduce blood pressure, cardiac output, and other diseases amongst cats especially when administered intravenously (Aderg et al., 1969).Sotalol is an important anti-arrhythmic, class II/III drug. Sotalol acts as an oral drug with equal amounts of two enantiomers including D- and L–sotalol. Both enantiomers have the potency to act as non-selective blockers. The L – enantiomer gives greater benefits by acting as beta-blockade for a long term period. In addition, the L- Sotalol has 38% protein binding capacity while D-sotalol has 35% protein binding capacity (Chhabra, Aseri and Padmanabhan, 2013). Notably, D-sotalol has no beta-blocking activity. The action potential of sotalol results from L-isomer activity that also acts as an alpha-blocker, while D-sotalol acts as anti-arrhythmic. However, D-sotalol has 30 to 60 times lower affinity than L-sotalol.Propranolol has two isomers including D and L – propranolol. D-propranolol binds to proteins more extensively than L- propranolol. However, L–isomer of propranolol acts as the biologically active form of the drug. L–isomer of propranolol is nearly absorbed orally and metabolized in the liver on its first passage. On the contrary, D-propranolol is inactive in beta-adrenoreceptor blocking activity. Therefore, experiments established that isomerism leads to many therapeutic and adverse drug reactions (Chhabra, Aseri, and Padmanabhan, 2013). D and L–propranolol have a membrane-stabilizing property and this racemic mixture reduces heart rate and related force of contraction amongst treated animals.The pharmacokinetic parameters of sotalol were studied in dogs and rats. Dogs had a higher volume of distribution and the elimination of the drug was through renal excretion.


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