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Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Skills, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Self-Improvement Plan. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Self-assessment is adopted to improve people’s certainty of their distinct self-knowledge. Skills are defined as learned abilities and behaviors (Drucker and Hesselbein, 2013 ). There exist numerous diverse kinds of skills that are significant to people in various phases of their lives. While practicing my career, I have been able to conduct a thorough evaluation of myself concerning my skills. I have been in a position to recognize my strengths, weaknesses, and the areas I need to improve on. In this piece of work, I will present my personal skills strengths, and weaknesses as well as formulate an individual improvement plan.&nbsp. Comprehending individual skills strengths is an advantageous move. It enables a person to center attention on his or her determinations to understanding their strongest skills and thus takes advantage of them. As a friendly individual, there are several areas that I feel are most developed for me. The ability to listen to others and speak to them in a clear manner. For example, when conversing with my colleagues, I always try my best to equalize my participation because I believe that good communication should involve a two-way flow of dialogue. This is important for dyadic communication. Another area that’s well-developed is my ability to maintain eye contact while conversing with someone in my place of work because I believe it is important for building rapport, as well as demonstrates my good self-confidence.&nbsp. I can also interpret non-verbal cues at ease, and this is one of my strengths that have made me a good team player in my workplace. Recently, at my place of work, I was assigned a project by my supervisor who also instructed me to have it done before the following day by 10 am. Unfortunately, at that moment I was held up in another task which was delegated to me by HR via email. I stood up, looked my supervisor direct in his eyes, and explained to him that I was doing another task and could not manage to complete his task by 10 am the following day. I stood up because the supervisor was speaking from the door of the office and there were obstacles on the way to let him see me while speaking. Due to my self-confidence skill and the ability to maintain eye contact with my supervisor, he reassigned that work to another employee.&nbsp.


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