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Assessment 1: School Attorney/School Board Member/Compliance Officer Interview and Narrative Essay Description of Assessment and Requirements: Students will conduct an interview with a public school attorney, school board member, and school district policy compliance officer as the primary format for collecting data and may utilize other data sources (as secondary sources only) to complement the interview information. Students should conceptualize a set of 10 questions with at least 5 questions pertaining to the following topics: (a) interviewee’s role in supporting three foundations of school law (constitutional, statutory, and case), (b) the interviewee’s role in supporting the instructional program of the school, and (c) the venues and services the interviewee utilizes and employs to communicate school law with relevant stakeholders. To successfully complete the essay, include the following components/sections/parts: Part (a) interviewee background information (Include the interview date time, location, and length.), (b) set of interview questions, (c) responses to the interview questions, (d) analysis of interview responses, (e) discussion of the legal, ethical, and policy concepts learned as a result of conducting the assignment, (f) and implications for educational practice and how you will use the information learned from the interviewee to impact your practices as a future school leader (i.e.) what areas do you need to pursue developmentally to ensure you will support the NCATE/NPBEA standards referenced in


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