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ATTACHED ARE ARTICLES TO ASSIST WITH ASSIGNMENTPrior to beginning work on this discussion, read Pioneers in Criminology: The Historical Development of Criminology (Links to an external site.) and Evolution of Punishment (Links to an external site.). Additionally, watch 002 History of US Law and What Is the Law? (Links to an external site.)Western societies have been punishing criminal actors since ancient  Greece. This begs the question of whether or not punishment is an  effective means of crime control and recidivist reduction. As you  explore the balance of freedom versus security and the history of  criminal punishment, be willing to think of new ways to address and  deter criminal behavior.Detail  the history of criminal law. List and explain the major forces that  created U.S. criminal law. Provide an opinion of whether or not criminal  law provides the most effective way to deal with crime and recidivism.  Your post must weigh the challenge between keeping people safe and  protecting individual liberties. Offer one or two suggestions for  improvement to the current criminal law system within which we operate.


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