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Each participant will develop and post in the appropriate modules for discussion two short discussion papers related to the content described in the course description and objectives. Each paper will be 6-8 double spaced pages and be based on a journal article or issue of the student’s choice. If you use an online source, check that it provides credible information. Proposed topics are to be posted in the Discussion Papers Topic module. A source article may be used by only one student; it is first come, first served. The due date for posting the first discussion paper topic/article is by the end of Week three. The due date for posting the second discussion paper topic/article is by the end of Week five. The completed discussion papers are due (posted to the Completed Discussion Papers module) as indicated in the course schedule. The discussion papers should summarize and analyze the main points put forward by the author(s). Do you agree or disagree with the author, and what is the basis for your position? Exceptional work would include additional research and thoughtful synthesis of the authors’ ideas with your ideas. You should choose an article that focuses on financial management and/or accounting content.After posting the paper, the student is expected to moderate a discussion concerning its contents. Each member of the class is required to post a substantive response to at least 3 of the discussion papers of classmates.The completed discussion papers should be posted in the Completed Discussion Papers module by the last day of the Weeks indicated in the course schedule. Digital insurance in 2018: Driving real impact with digital and analyticsMcKinsey & Company


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