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Discussion 5 sentences for each one!!! 1. Taking a patient’s reproductive health history requires that the medical assistant demonstrate sensitivity and professionalism. What are some specific steps you can take to exercise sensitivity and professionalism when taking patients’ reproductive health histories?2. As an MA, how can you professionally ask a patient about birth control? How would the patient’s age alter the questions or discussion? How might an individual’s economic status impact the use of contraceptives? How can this issue be addressed with patients?3. Debates regarding vaccinating newborns and children have been in the news in the past few years. Review the PDF schedule of required/suggested vaccinations from Doc Sharing and the 2014 Measles outbreak as a resource. As an MA, you have a parent refusing the Measles vaccine.  What should a MA communicate to the parent regarding vaccinating the child? Be respectful of the parent and other students in your responses.  If your personal opinion differs from a parent, how do you provide professional recommendations?4. How do you complete a medical and history interview with a patient exhibiting signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s? What are some ways the medical assistant can demonstrate professionalism and sensitivity in communication?5. Do physical ailments manifest differently in a geriatric patient verses other patient populations? Give an example and how the MA would demonstrate professionalism and sensitivity in their communications.6. What are the benefits to performing a physical examination on patients? How can you explain those benefits to patients when they ask?  What is the difference between a complete physical and a focused physical7. What are the necessary steps to changing a sterile dressing? How would you explain these steps to a patient who was nervous about having her sterile dressing changed?


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