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Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Your Lot in Life.London, (2007) aver that “it is universally accepted that breast milk is the most desirable sources of nutrition for newborns”. However, there are critical issues which encompass breastfeeding mothers, especially those who have to return to work.It is in this regard that this research paper aims to determine relevant factors associated with breastfeeding.Several literatures would also be presented on their respective studies regarding breastfeeding and working mothers. Finally, this paper would seek to address the problem of breastfeeding mothers torn between working and continuing this life nourishing task.More and more women have opted to maintain full time work due to economic factors. For women who gave birth to their firstborn, the following is a typical scenario which needs a closer review. “You are expecting your first child and are interested in breastfeeding your baby. You would also like to return to work relatively soon. You have to decide how valuable breastfeeding is and whether you can work and breastfeed.”(1) Increased resistance to infections. (2) Earlier development of the infant immune system. (3) Decreased risk of ear infections. (4) Decreased risk of diarrhea. (5) Decreased risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). (6) Baby is less likely to be hospitalized due to serious illness. and (7) Human milk is made to meet the specific needs of human babies, and it changes as the baby grows to offer the best combination of nutrients that make it easy for baby to digest and use.(1) Less childhood obesity. (2) Reduced risk of some chronic diseases that develop during childhood including: juvenile diabetes, childhood cancers, and allergic disease/asthma. (3) Enhanced neurological development that may result in higher IQs (60) and better eyesight. and (4) Suckling at the breast promotes good jaw development and encourages the growth of


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