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Need help with my writing homework on Changes and Effects of Advertising on People and the Society. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Professional advertising is said to have begun in the United States around 1841. Since then, scholars and psychologists took the initiative to research on how advertising has gradually affected the human mentality and emotions as well. As a result, there has been a heated debate over the issue with the advertising companies bragging of having done the society a favor of providing detailed information on products and services. In contrast, members of the society such as parents and psychologists have argued that advertising has both negative and positive effects on society. Nevertheless, advertising has gradually revolved into the most imperative process that is continually been utilized by most companies across the world. According to Green (6), advertising has been argued to be among the common approaches used by companies to communicate with their potential clients and consumers. On the other hand, advertising serves as an information tool that analyses the available brands in the market and their varieties as well. Importantly, advertising in the modern world has been prepared for everybody, a process that makes it worth it. Furthermore, technology has made advertising a more dynamic and exciting process. Jansson-Boyd (24) argues that what matters most in any advertisement is the convincing power and the ability to connect, and properly communicate with the target audience. As such, good advertisements are based on four main objectives namely: trial, continuity, brand switch and switching back. Firstly, the trial concept is used by a section of global companies to convince their target audience to buy the companies’ new products that have been introduced in the market. In most cases, these advertisements are flashy and attractive so as to convince the customer to purchase for trial.&nbsp.


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