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Need help with my writing homework on Legal Side of Business. Write a 250 word paper answering; Chapter 19.b Q S 8. Commercial frustration takes when an event takes place which frustrates the contract. However, the rain makes the contract more expensive but not frustrating. It was upon to parties to agree on contingency costs that could have made the contract work it out.Chapter 19.b Q S 9 increase in cost to change the service rent will not make the contract to end. It was the duty of the party involved to check the value of removing the gas service line from the lot. He cannot use frustrations as an excuse to bridge the contractual obligations Chapter 20.b Q S 5. The citizen of Chester town has the right to sue Gaither because he was on a constraint contract which required into work in his hometown for 10yrs that’s why they paid his school fees. Chapter 20.b Q S 7. The contract of purchase is assignable to a credit provider if the buyer is acquiring credit. Chapter 20.b Q S 10. The pre-incorporation contract is enforced against individual promoters, not a non-existing company. In this case, the architecture will succeed. Chapter 18.b Q S 3. A statute of frauds is not an adequate defense because we have no evidence of fraud anywhere in the contract.


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