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I am trying to figure this out, but am having trouble. Can you please help me while showing work so i could understand whats going on.Math 342 Quiz # 6NameDate4 / 3 / 191 ) Find the present value of an ordinary annuity with deposits of $10 , 280 quarterly for 9years at 4 .4% compounded quarterly .2 ) Find the payment necessary to amortize a 12% loan compounded quarterly , with 1 1quarterly payments . $ 12003 ) Find the monthly house payments necessary to amortize a 10 . 8% loan of $259 , 700 over25 years .4 ) Find the monthly payment and estimate the remaining balance . Assume interest is onthe unpaid balance .5 – year computer loan for $2745 at 5. 9%; remaining balance after 2 years5 ) The trustees of a college have accepted a gift of $200, 000 , but are required to deposit itin an account paying 8% per year , compounded semiannually . They may make equalwithdrawals at the end of each six-month period , but the money must last & years . Findthe amount of each withdrawal .


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