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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Experimental Investigation on Soil Reinforced with Geosynthetics. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Certain soil characterization and behavior is required for building and is quite difficult to find in naturally occurring soils. Reinforcement is therefore required to obtain these desired soil properties. Since the advent of polymeric materials, the original composition of the soils has undergone continuous reinforcement to alter the strength and resistance. These materials which are incorporated into the earthen structures and other geomaterials make them proper for different uses.Reinforced soil alters the mechanical and chemical properties of the original oil sample because of the transfer of stress from the soil to the interface of reinforcement. The transfer of stress is basically what makes it possess high resistance and strength. For such a mechanism to occur, it is important to ensure sufficient interaction between the soil and the reinforcement. Clay soil for instance has an exceptionally low interfacial strength which results in an early interface failure before maximum mobilization of the reinforcementÂ’s full strength. There is therefore a high likelihood that the strength of the reinforcement will not be fully utilized (Abdi, et al., 2009 p.2).Short discreet fibers are quite easy to be incorporated into the soil mixture through random mixing with the soil part. Both geogrids and geosynthetics can be used to facilitate reinforcement. Cement, lime and other additives have been known to change the characteristics of soil and improve their properties. Kaniraj, et al. (2001) and et al., (2009) conducted a research on the effect of cement additives on the strength of soil and came up with the inference that it can be a great reinforcement material. They discovered that when a composite is reinforced with fiber, it shows small losses of peak strengths and more ductility compared to the unreinforced composite.&nbsp.


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