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Write a 8 page essay on Critical issue in global health ( a grant to support efforts to improve maternal and child health, in Kachere, a village in Kasungu. ).As such, the CBO has come up with five strategies in the proposal namely. Improvement of maternal health in the community, Promote gender equality and empowerment to women, Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases, Ensure that the environment is sustained, Eliminate poverty and hunger.Through these strategies, there will be direct and indirect solutions to this challenge and the community will remain healthy and full of life. Moreover, this project has incorporated stakeholders such as Traditional Authority (TA), Religious Groups, and Malawi International Organization (MIO) who will assist in planning and implementing the project.Apparently, it is evident that Kachere Village in Kasungu District has serious cases of poor health and poverty that has emerged from the poor living conditions of people in the village. Ideally, Eva’s two dead children serves as a perfect example how children have died from diseases such as pneumonia and malaria and those surviving are still suffering from related diseases. Moreover, the agricultural activities revolve around tobacco and maize farming, which are not easy to farm due to their inadequate returns. Furthermore, her husband who is alleged to be absent from home for extensive periods of time in search of employment has also became a challenging issue for Eva since is fear contracting HIV from the existing polygamy set up (Skolnik, 2008).&nbsp.As a community based organization (CBO) on the ground, we have taken Eva’s living conditions as a sample to work with in the improvement of the living conditions of people in Kachere village (Hovenga & Mantas, 2005). Nevertheless, the CBO is aware that the community has three main stakeholders who are contributing towards development and health issues namely:Nongovernmental organizations (NGO) and International Organizations where the International Organizations have assisted in facilitating loans and savings to most groups that have been formed in the community.Of


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