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The 2014 Public Health Survey sampled 2,035 people and found an average systolic blood pressure reading (top #) of 134.65, a median of 119.56 and a standard deviation of 12.52. a.What is the point estimate of the population mean? b.Find the standard error of the sample mean. c.Compute the 95% confidence interval of the population mean and interpret it.d.Is it plausible that the population mean could be equal to 136? Explain. Problem 3:  Hypothesis testing (10 Points)  For this problem, collect data on any variables of interest (sample size for each group of the two groups n=>30) and perform a two-sided significance test for comparing two independent population means. You can also simulate your own data. Address the following:a.A brief introductory paragraph describing the problem.b.Set up your framework in a null and alternative hypothesis using symbols and notation as they are presented in the textbook.c.A paragraph describing how you collected the data (i.e., the number of observations, time of day, etc. Please present the data in a table. Also, in this section, please plot the means of the two samples using Excel. d.A section explaining the results of the analysis (calculated statistics, and p-values). Based on what you find, state your decision (whether you reject or fail to reject the H0) and conclusion (whether you have sufficient or insufficient evidence for H1).e.Describe how would you change the experimental design to become dependent or related samples?Problem 2: (5 Points)   Data are provided to you on finish times (in hours) for 2 different groups of triathletes:  a group trained in mountain elevation ; and a group trained at sea level. The goal here is to determine whether there is a significant difference in the mean finish times between the training methods.a.Generate summary statistics (central tendency and variability measures) for the two samples and briefly summarize what they say.b.Conduct a test of significance for the difference between the mean finish times of mountain trained and sea-level and (show the results) interpret the results.c.Construct a 95% confidence interval of the difference between the two population mean finish times and interpret it.d.Finally, are there any other factors, besides the way the athletes trained, that could possibly influence finish times (try and list at least 2)?  Include a brief explanation of each.


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