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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on stopping the sprawl at hp Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! He is actually pushing for major changes that would result in the scrapping of thousands of smaller projects at the decentralized company to focus on a few corporate wide initiatives as well as scraping off more than 700 isolated databases. These would then be merged into one company data ware house that would effectively alter the structure of the company and its operations. In fact, all the company information would be processed from one system which would be more efficient. The makeover would have more positive impact than any other HP advertising campaign.If successful, this would reduce HP’s annual spending on technology by about half. It will give impetus on HP especially on how to capitalize on its vast product breadth where the company has been operating like a large conglomerate of separate companies instead of one entity. In brief he is trying to integrate all the information about HP into one big single entity that would make it relatively easy to measure performance.However, all these initiatives would have an impact especially on structure of HP. The $1 billion data warehouse initiative would see the possible laying off of thousands of workers as the improved system would be manageable by few people from centralised control points. Indeed this would improve efficiency and accuracy of data but the company structure would require less staff.Basically, from the outlined endeavors above, Mott is trying to make IT take root in the company’s culture which has been resistant to technological changes such as centralised control. The ultimate purpose is to make sure that all HP’s businesses are working from one set of data that would make it easy to monitor and check progress as well as making fast, informed decisions.2.


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