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Write a 3 page essay on ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF HOMOSEXUALS.Nevertheless, those that get into marriage are often sure of their partners and the bond between them is often stronger than that of their counterparts. Other factors that contribute to the low divorce rates are the levels of education, and age.Individuals practicing homosexuality escape from the conventional perspective of relationships to stick out from the rest in society. Through their sexual orientation, homosexuals create a new identity for themselves that is unique. It is through such that individuals exercise their freedoms and independence in the society. The coming out process often increases popularity of the individual in question and attention shifts to them as society seeks to understand their views.There have been sentiments, although obviously biased, that homosexuality should be seen as way of controlling the population influx. This is linked to reproductive incapacitation observed in same-sex relationships, as they cannot sire an offspring. This remains so especially if female couples do not opt assisted pregnancies to have children. Consequently, homosexual couples have resulted to adoption as means of raising a family. This increases the adoption rates enormously thus reducing the financial burden to taxpayers. As such, gay couples offer a dynamic resource for children in need of adoption and provide alternative care to that in the foster system (Pappas). This has seen more children out of the welfare system into stable family establishments.The homosexual community is recognised for its role in enriching the society with regard to culture. The fashion industry is markedly run by gay designers who have gained recognition for the work. Similar observations have been made in the development of art where gays have unique tastes in their preferences. These are among the things that the community identifies with in their quest for identity.


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