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Hi, I need help with essay on Biography of Huey Long. Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!This paper will discuss the biography of Huey Pierce Long and his career as a senator of Louisiana.Huey was born on 30th august 1893 at Winn parish in Winnfield, a small town at the north of the state (Collins and Smith 1). His father was Senior Huey Pierce Long (1852-1937), and a descendant of Tison William and Sarah Tison. Huey attended local schools at his young age, where he became a brilliant student. He was later expelled from school in 1908 after protesting against the 12th grade requirement for graduation. He had won a scholarship to Louisiana University, but did not afford textbooks to attend. He spent four years as a salesperson selling canned goods, books, patent medicine and as an auctioneer (Collins and Smith 2). In 1913, he got married to Rose McConnell, who was a stenographer. They got two sons Russel and Palmer and a daughter named Rose.During World War 1, the sales job became scarce and Long decided to attend Oklahoma Baptist University for seminary classes. He later joined the law school at Tulane University in New Orleans. Having studied law for one year at Tulane University, he took the state bar exam where he passed well and began private practice of law at Winnfield. He worked for 10 years representing plaintiffs against enormous businesses. He never took cases involving poor people. He became famous when he took on standard oil company for unacceptable business practices. He continued to challenge the company’s influence over the state politics and exploitation of the oil and gas deposits in the state (Boulard 49).At the age of 25, Long was appointed in Louisiana railroad commission in 1918 based on anti-standard oil company platform in 1918. He utilized the position at this commission to perfect his political career. He was a strong opponent of enormous utility and oil companies and fought against pipeline


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