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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Addressing the Issue of Underdevelopment Among Countries. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length. This paper will be looking at why some countries are said to be underdeveloped. What causes underdevelopment that is. The task will go deep into what underdevelopment are its causes, its importance to development, to any country to work toward it. This way, it will become clear to have a multifaceted approach to underdevelopment and therefore understand vividly the underlying factors that limit countries from being developed and thus be said to be underdeveloped. A developed country, to begin with, is that that provides high living standards of living for its people due to having reasonable per capita income and Gross Natural product (Bas, 2012). Looking at most countries in the West, the reader would realize that they have developed resources, talk of factors of production such as labor (which they have high skilled) and can, therefore, produce their own capital and have little to no limitations as to how they make use of this financial resources since they have ample of that. A country like this has its people lead a life free from poverty or some other negative situations that come because of poverty, say unbalanced diet or little access to health facilities. A country like Britain, for instance, is a developed country. Very few individuals live under a dollar a day and their transport and communication (infrastructure) is high class. Taking a look at a country from sub-Saharan Africa, say Somalia, then it is clear that the difference between the living standards of the occupants of these two countries differ as to if heaven is from hell (Luchsinger, 2012). Aforementioned Somalia has its citizens live under a dollar a day, below the poverty line that is. The&, plus most others from the region and more others from Latin America and Asia, are said to be caught up in a vicious cycle of poverty. In this case, they do not have the investment required to increase the levels of production and they, therefore, end up having less to no production even from agriculture.


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