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Write 6 pages with APA style on Reflective journal. Nonetheless, I was pleased at being able to widen my area of experience and I had a positive outlook at joining the hospital. The use of the fieldwork learning framework helped me a lot in the previous placements that I had undergone so I used it to set my goals and the targets I would achieve while undergoing this hospital placement. I find this framework is especially useful in setting ones goals as it helps one apply both personal and professional resources that are available in order to continually develop a persons skills in the work place (Larkin & Hamilton, 2010). The continuous cycle allows one to go back reevaluate the progress that they have made as well as examine the different aspects that have room for improvement.The main goals I set for myself were to improve my manual hand skills as well as my documentation and interviewing skills. I spent the first day familiarizing myself with my surroundings and getting to know the other members of the staff and I got the opportunity to meet with my supervisor and formally introduce myself. I was formed on what my role as an Occupational therapist in the hospital would be and that we would mainly be focusing on the Oncology and General Surgery areas although there were many other areas that Occupational therapists could be involved in. I was a bit nervous as my knowledge on Oncology was not as thorough as I would have liked it to be and I hoped that things would go well but as the fieldwork learning framework suggests, learning is a continuous process that happens over time (Larkin & Hamilton, 2010). Once we began working, I was amazed at how busy the hospital was and the number of patients that we met on just the first day. I now believe that this placement will be harder than my previous ones but all in all I truly enjoyed my first day at the hospital.I have now finished my first week in the hospital and I have found it to be continually challenging.


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