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Develop your business administration plan. Italian Pasta Food Truck Industry.I. Legal structure of the business (Own Business): Show the advantages of this structure.According to the structure, show how you will meet the requirements.II.Develop the Human Resources Administration Plan for your business proposal:a) Include personnel needs for your company.(Manager, Marketing, Chef, Accounting Clerk, Cashier and Two Waiters)b) Establish what mechanisms you are going to use to recruit your potential employees.c) For each classification of personnel, develop the job description; It includes the tasks you expecteach job to perform and, likewise, the necessary requirements to be recruited to the job.d) Establish how you hope to train the personnel you are going to recruit.e) Indicate how you expect to remunerate each position financially (salary scale, fringe benefits,among others).III.Design the implementation schedule- You can set the schedule according to your creativity. Youcan organize it by stages, phases, activities or cycles, among other ways. At the bottom of thediagram, you should explain what each phase or stage includes.


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