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Write a 12 page essay on Promotional Campaign of Pepsi Max.This paper illustrates that PepsiCo seeks out new ways to create the strong brand image and gain the maximum possible market share by increasing their customer base. PepsiCo invests a large amount of capital in promotional and marketing communicational activities, to strengthen its brand equity, thereby creating a top of the mind brand recall among the customers. The company has adopted several unconventional promotional mediums to create an effective marketing communication that has allowed the company to create a strong awareness among the customers. The company has decided to step out of the traditional medium of communication and decided to try the internet as the primary communicational platform. The unbelievable campaign has highlighted the message of “no sugar, maximum taste” of the product Pepsi Max. This campaign is targeted at the customers who are quite conscious about their health and calorie intake. BBC has mentioned that the UK population is becoming increasingly concerned about their health and rise in obesity. This concern has been addressed by the company and in response, the Pepsi has mentioned that the new product is capable of delivering the same great taste without compromising on the taste of the product. PepsiCo has broken the conventional belief that in order to reduce the sugar content, the taste has to be compromised. The central idea of this campaign is to target the young health-conscious customers and attracting their attention by employing certain innovative promotional activities. The promotional activities of a company are to create awareness among the customers and to strength its brand image so that the customers can have a top of the mind brand recall of that particular brand or product.&nbsp. The primary objective of a promotional campaign or a marketing communication is to influence the purchase decision of the customers. Every brand prefers to attract customers to them and would want them to choose their products over that of the rival companies. This result makes it imperative for the firms to seek out for new ways to draw the attention of the target customers and influence them to buy a particular product.


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