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Need an argumentative essay on The Red Cedar Redevelopment Project. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.This paper illustrates that the Red Cedar Redevelopment Project is significant because it will be a game changer in Lansing’s east side. the project will spur employment in the area while also being a source of tax revenue for the city. For instance, the project proposes a 200 room hotel with restaurant and banquet facilities. This will be the first great hotel in Lansing after the Radisson hotel which was built in 1985. The Radisson Hotel is made up of 256 rooms. A lot of people will be employed to work in the hotel hence creating employment opportunities. Apart from the hotel, the project will reshape the greater Lansing area through the construction of modern facilities such as a medical facility, restaurants, offices, retail, student housing and retail. The Red Cedar Redevelopment Project encompasses concepts contained in both David Byrne’s article about perfect cities, and Ethan Kent and Kathy Madden’ Article ‘Is Your City A Great City?’ the project will increase Lansing’s density and security while at the same time increasing parking space. The project will aim at infrastructure development, community development, and environmental conservation. To make the development of the project easier, it was divided into 4 zones. Zone 4 will focus on modernizing the landscape. Also, the community was involved in contributing their views about the project. Through this, the project involves the community as advocated By Ethan Kent and Kathy Madden.


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